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i’ve took some photos of catazoids kitty cat lyalya some month ago.

look Lyalya is a photo model now!

pheewww Lyalya’s castration went ok! Even though there were some complications… her ovary grew together with her bladder! So the surgery was a bit more difficult. But she’s doing fine! She’s eating already and attempts to meow and jump :) thank you all for the lovely comments and the support!

I too found you because of your kitty... however you seem completely rad! I notice you know her breed but also have a plug on buying from the shelter? I scrolled through a bit of your 'My Kitties' tab and didn't see the answer, but did you get her from a shelter? I'm curious, she's so unique! And your other kitty is JUST as gorgeous!


thank youuuu!! your question is absolutely valid, but i have answered it before but don’t worry (i hope it’s ok) but i’m gonna paste my previous answer:

Unfortunately i didn’t have the pleasure to adopt any cats from shelters yet. But given the situation that everyone comes to my blog now and wants to know what breed Lyalya is, because they “really need to get one”; i feel responsible, to at least educate people in some sort of way. We got Lyalya, because my moms friends cat got pregnant (the mommy cat is an Abyssinian/Somali mix and the dad a full Abyssinian, so Lyalya pretty much turned out a Somali by accident). Unfortunately the mommy cat got pregnant again >< although we already urged my moms friends to neuter the cats. We wanted to get a cat from a shelter for a long time already, but our old cat Marusya is very fussy about other cats and every shelter we’ve been to, advised us not to get any more cats. But when we got to know Lyalya, we noticed that she’s a smart but respectful lady and thought that she might get along with Marusya and because Lyalya was so young, she adapted very fast to Marusya’s rules. They don’t love each other, but tolerate each other. So it’s alright :)

hey I was wondering if you take out lyalya out often on walks and where you go :) i have a ragdoll cat who i sometimes take out for walks but it has to be at specific times in quieter places because he's a big scaredy baby when it comes to noises outside (mostly cars). and i adore lyalya she's an absolutely beautiful cat :)

hello :) i try to take her out for walks as much as i can (which isn’t that often unfortunately, due to illness) sometimes i can go on walks a few days in a row and sometimes only once a week. I generally only go out in the morning or the evening before the sun sets. Fortunately we have a relatively quiet meadow with some trees and bushes behind our house and the kids usually don’t play there (although Lyalya doesn’t mind the kinds, but i do, because they pretty much do not leave us alone anymore after they spot us ahaha). Aww i hope your kitty still enjoys her little walks :)

How old are your cats?


Marusya is 15 years old and Lyalya is 6 months old! :)

So wait, was that really a cat or a photoshopped squirrel


ok this is really the last one of these that i’m gonna answer. Absolutely no photoshop. Just my kitty in her natural habitat.

I&#8217;m sick, so Lyalya keeps me company and tries to heal me with lots of purring ♡

I’m sick, so Lyalya keeps me company and tries to heal me with lots of purring ♡

my cats names

How to pronounce Marusya and Lyalya and some unnecessary blabbing.