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How old are your cats?


Marusya is 15 years old and Lyalya is 6 months old! :)

So wait, was that really a cat or a photoshopped squirrel


ok this is really the last one of these that i’m gonna answer. Absolutely no photoshop. Just my kitty in her natural habitat.

I’m sick, so Lyalya keeps me company and tries to heal me with lots of purring ♡

I’m sick, so Lyalya keeps me company and tries to heal me with lots of purring ♡

my cats names

How to pronounce Marusya and Lyalya and some unnecessary blabbing.

I’m really sorry, but i won’t be answering any more messages that only say “what kind of cat is your cat” or “that cat looks like a squirrel”. I know you mean well, but literally the first sentence in my description says that Lyalya’s a somali and i know that she looks like a squirrel ;) If you made the effort to even write me a message, i don’t get why you haven’t even looked at my description or my “my kitties” tag.

Marusya is off to a long journey to a specific vet who might help her and Lyalya has never been without her yet and she’s really upset and searches for Marusya everywhere

Can you make up a list of unusual cat names? I noticed your cats have unique names and I'm about to get a kitty!


Oh gosh, anon I’m so sorry. I didn’t forget about you! I just got overwhealmed with messages and you had a quite unusual request, so it took me a while ):

Anyway..well my cat’s names aren’t unusual really, because they’re pretty well known russian names ;) but i can write you a couple of other russian names which i think are nice (or in a cute form) and are relatively short and on the easier side (i bet you already got your kitty and named them though haha) but maybe someone else might find this useful!

f for female, m for male, no alphabetical order

Here you go:
Anya (from Anna, AHnyah, f)
Alyona (ahLYOnah, f)
Mishka or Misha (from Michail, MEESHkah,MEEHshah m, but i’ve heard it as a female name before too)
Sonya (from Sofia, SOHnyah, f,)
Tolya (from Anatoly, TOHlyah, m)
Lyosha or Alyosha (from Alexandr or Alexey, LYOshah, aLYOshah, m)
Anushka (from Anna aswell, AHnnushkah,f)
Grusha (means pear, GROOHshah, f)
Kazimir (KahzeeMEER, m)
Lazar or Nazar (LahZAAR, m)
Masha (from Maria or Marina, MAHSHAH, f)
Roma (from Roman, ROHmah, m)
Zenaida or Zina (ZeenahEEdah, ZEEnah, f)

of course there are a lot more..but that’s it for now..sorry! if anyone wants me to write more names, pls tell me :3

Hi how do you pronounce lyalya?

helloooo sorry it took me sooo long to answer. I’ve gotten this question a lot of times already and i can’t really explain it, so i’m gonna record an audiofile of me saying my cats names soon :)

Look who’s lying on my mouse cable

Look who’s lying on my mouse cable